Technical issues affecting the General Pharmaceutical Council’s registration assessment remains unresolved.
At the end of February, the GPhC issued a statement following some candidates experiencing technical issues when booking their place for the registration assessment.

The registration assessment is one of the ways the GPhC test that pre-registration trainee pharmacists can demonstrate that they understand how to apply knowledge appropriately and in a timely way, to make professional judgements in pharmacy practice. It also tests trainees’ number sense and that they are able to perform the calculations necessary to practice as a pharmacist.

The GPhC apologised saying:

“We are very sorry for the worry and anxiety this has caused and we would like to reassure these candidates that we are working hard with Pearson VUE to identify how we can resolve these issues.”

Due to the technical problems, some candidates have had to travel long distances to sit the assessment. The GPhC was quick to reassure candidates that they are able to travel to sit the assessment as an essential activity but that it “recognise the challenges of travelling long distances and staying away from home during national lockdowns.”

Today (2 March 21), Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive of the GPhC, said:

“I am really sorry about the issues some candidates are experiencing with the registration assessment booking system. Making life more stressful for any candidates, particularly at this difficult time, is the last thing we want to do. As well as apologising, I want to reassure candidates that we are continuing to make good progress with resolving the remaining issues with booking places for the March sittings. This is our top priority right now.

“We have worked with Pearson VUE to identify additional capacity, particularly for candidates in Scotland. We are currently working to finalise arrangements for these further places and aim to be in touch with relevant candidates very soon.

“Pearson VUE has confirmed that places have now been booked for candidates sitting remotely because of reasonable adjustments or because they are based overseas. These candidates should receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE about their remote sitting place.

“Pearson VUE has also been contacting a number of candidates who had booked afternoon sitting places due to a technical error, to reallocate them to a morning sitting.”