The General Pharmaceutical Council’s (GPhC) fitness to practise improvements has not resulted in “tangible evidence” to give PSA confidence.

In the Professional Standards Authority’s (PSA) latest performance review of the GPhC, the PSA concluded that the pharmaceutical regulator has not shown sufficient ‘tangible evidence’ of its progress, saying:

“We raised concerns about the GPhC’s fitness to practise function in 2018/19 and since then we have been monitoring how the GPhC is working to address them. This year the GPhC completed its action plan and launched a new fitness to practise strategy. Both pieces of work are aimed at improving the performance of the GPhC’s fitness to practise function and we welcome this continued commitment to addressing our concerns. Last year we reported seeing evidence of improvements but some of our concerns remained. This year, the overall direction of travel remains positive but the timing of activities, coupled with the time it takes to embed changes, means we have not yet seen tangible evidence that our remaining concerns have been addressed. We cannot yet say that Standards 15, 16 and 18 are met.”

Chief Executive of the GPhC, Duncan Rudkin, said:

“We are encouraged that the PSA’s performance report recognises the positive direction we are going in as far as fitness to practise is concerned, and acknowledges that embedding change does take time. We are very focused on implementing our fitness to practise improvement work as efficiently and effectively as possible. We have already made significant improvements as part of delivering our managing concerns strategy, with more improvements being implemented over the coming year.”

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