A General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) inspector has revealed to C+D that the regulator might “touch base” with pharmacies in random “assurance visits”.

According to the report, GPhC professional standards inspector Eilean Robson said that making “assurance calls…allows us to touch base with a lot more people”. She also revealed that these check-up calls could progress into visits, explaining that “if we happen to be in an area, we may turn that into a visit”.

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It was reported that Ms Robson stressed the “very random” process behind deciding which pharmacies receive full inspections, saying:

“We do a random sample now which is worked out in some fancy algorithm at the GPhC.  “You might have had an inspection eighteen months ago,” she said, but “if you come up within a random sample, you’ll have one again.”

The GPhC is trying “to get a flavour of what is going on across all the different pharmacy waters out there”, she added.

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