The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has only closed 16% of its fitness to practise cases compared to a target of 85%. 

Papers for the February meeting of the GPhC Council meeting, showed that in quarter 3, the pharmacy regulator fell far short of its own fitness to practise standards.  According to these papers, the GPhC was only meeting one of its five fitness to practise performance measures, it being the time (in weeks) from receipt of information suggesting an immediate risk to interim order (IO) being imposed.

Fitness to practise performance measures not met:

  • The number of concerns triaged within 5 working day – only 45% against a target of 90%;
  • Number of stream 2 cases closed or referred within 44 weeks (10 months) – 59% against a target of 75%;
  • Number of cases closed or referred at IC which reach IC within 52 weeks (12 months) – only 20% against a target of 70%; and
  • Number of Fitness to Practise committee cases closed within 104 weeks (24 months) – only 16% against to target of 85%.

In the papers, the GPhC said:

“Overall, performance this quarter has been mixed. There have been improvements in some areas against the performance standards although performance continues to fall short of our normal operating performance standards.

“We are still working hard to progress and conclude older cases, many of which are complex and have involved third party investigations which have added to delays.”

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