The September Council papers said:

“Performance continues to fall short of our normal operating standards in fitness to practise reflecting the continued focus on progressing older cases. Additional support for the work on older cases has been agreed and should be in place and impacting work from quarter 3 onwards. An improvement in performance measures for closing cases is therefore unlikely to be seen before then.

“Meanwhile implementation of measures as part of our managing concerns strategy will start to address some of the underlying
factors impacting on performance in fitness to practise.”

Fitness to practise performance overview:

  • fell short of most of updated performance measures except for the KPI for interim orders of suspension prepared and heard before a committee within 3 weeks
  • performance reflects work done to focus on progressing our older cases
  • trajectory towards triaging concerns within 5 days “continues in the right direction”
  • the number of cases on hold over 12 months has remained stabl

Financial impact

The paper showed that GPhC financial savings “have been offset by and essentially funded, increased expenditure for specialist support and to expand resource capacity in certain areas including fitness to practise.”

Fitness to practise legal costs for the GPhC has increased by £300k due to “the high volume of FtP cases which had to be outsourced
to external legal firms at the end of last financial year to address issues
around timeliness.”

Longer term planning

The Council papers said that the GPhC will implement a “Fitness to Practice strategy and subsequent phases of intervention to support and improve delivery of key performance areas.”

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