The GPhC has announced and extension of its provisional registrant arrangements including 20-21 cohort of pre-registration trainees wishing to practice from 1 August due to exam delays.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has announced that the provisional registrant arrangements will be extended until January 2022.  It also confirmed that due to the delays to the Summer registration exam dates, any of the current cohort of pre-registration trainees wishing to practice from 1 August will now have to also become provisional registrants until the results are released and they are eligible to join the pharmacist register.

Paul Day, The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA)Director said: 

We support individuals and can appreciate that whilst these changes may resolve some of the issues faced by candidates sitting this year, we also recognise that this change, another in a year of many changes, could present an additional obstacle and concern for many members because of their particular circumstances or plans.

We are disappointed that the GPhC are continuing to count the March sittings as one of the three attempts that candidates have to pass the entire exam. We believe that this unnecessarily adds to the pressure on those who will be sitting an exam arrangement in which few, if any, have complete confidence.

The PDA website includes more information for pre-registration trainees on the implications of the GPhC decision.

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