The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has initiated the evaluation of its five-year strategy for changing the way it manages concerns about pharmacy professionals.

It is reported that the evaluation will look at how the strategy has improved the experience of people involved in fitness to practice (those who raise concerns, professionals, witnesses etc.); impacted the culture amongst pharmacy professionals and their attitudes to openness and honesty; improved the process and made it fairer and changed perceptions of fitness to practice.

The first phase of the evaluation process will take place from July to September 2023.

The council said:

“We are committed to making our ambitions a reality for the benefit of everyone involved and your contribution will help us to make sure patients and the public continue to be protected while being fair to pharmacy professionals.”

“We are now starting to evaluate the strategy to find out whether, and to what extent, the strategy is achieving its aims and outcomes. This will help our understanding of its effectiveness and provide vital information on where we can continue to improve our approach to managing concerns.”

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