C+D reported that General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) chair, Nigel Clarke, told the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMp) conference that fitness to practise cases currently “are not in the interests of those who raise them”.

It has previously been reported that the GPhC struggled to do investigations as quickly as it wanted to as a consequence of the Covid pandemic. He went on to say “…and we clearly need to improve that as a matter of priority…a lot of work to do still.”

“It’s a long, slow process. But rest assured that we recognise that how things work at the moment is not perfect.”

It was further reported that he said:

“One of the biggest delays in the system is when a complaint is actually being made to the police, which tends therefore to [delay] what we do. The police investigation would follow, and we would follow that, which can be very time consuming. We don’t do communication very well with third parties.”

He also told delegates that the GPhC does not always “collect evidence [as] effectively as we might”, adding that “there are all sorts of reasons why it’s sometimes hard to give evidence on people involved in cases”.

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