The GOsC pilot gathered views from osteopaths on the questions and messaging it “hopes” to use to collect EDI information.

The General Osteopathic Council’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2021-24 explains how it plans “to embrace inclusivity, value diversity and promote equity” by, for example, improving the systematic monitoring of diversity data across the organisation.

As part of this, GOsC launched a profession-wide equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) survey in February 2022 to pilot the questions it might use to gather diversity data.

A report on our findings and recommendations from this pilot has now been published. Findings include that while the majority of respondents felt respected by their colleagues, less than half felt that the osteopathic profession values diversity.

The four recommendations for the work of GOsC across the osteopathic profession relate to:

  • the collection of EDI data
  • work with osteopathic education providers to ensure high quality education for students
  • efforts to ensure our communications and engagement with the profession is open and inclusive
  • the provision of resources on equality and diversity, to support continuing professional development

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