GOsC consulting on draft guidance about the application of the Osteopathic Practice Standards (OPS) to adjunctive therapies.

The regulator said it was “keen to hear from anyone with an interest in this area at this early stage of development. This will help us develop a final draft for consideration by the GOsC’s Council after which a public consultation is planned.”

Using fictional case scenarios, the guidance explores some of the issues and challenges that arise for osteopaths, patients and for the profession as a whole, when applying the OPS in different contexts. It acknowledges the diversity of treatment approaches and the ways in which osteopaths might work, and clarifies the requirement for these to be patient-centred and adhere to the OPS across all aspects of an osteopath’s practice.

The guidance is also intended to help inform members of the public and patients as to how osteopaths approach their obligations using the OPS across the different forms of care and treatment they provide. It will act as a reference for Fitness to Practise Committees when considering concerns that osteopaths have failed to meet the requirements of the OPS.

The purpose of the OPS is to protect patients by making sure that osteopaths always practise in a way that is safe, in patients’ best interests, and maintains confidence in the profession.

Development so far has included a seminar with osteopaths, patients and people with experience of fitness to practise processes, to explore some of the issues relating to the application of the OPS in the context of adjunctive therapies.

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