The General Osteopathic Council is seeking views on its policy for publishing osteopaths’ fitness to practise information.

Under its current policy, the GOsC, publishes information about osteopaths’ fitness to practise to help patients make informed choices about their treatment, to help maintain public confidence in the profession and to highlight the standards and behaviour expected of osteopaths.

The policy also details how long information is made available to the public, that the GOsC says is “helping us to protect the public while also protecting the rights of those involved in our fitness to practise proceedings.”

The GOsc is seeking views on proposed changes to the policy, including:

  • no longer publishing the full details but publishing only a summary of decisions to impose interim suspension orders (the temporary suspension of an osteopath’s registration) by the Professional Conduct Committee and Investigating Committee before the final hearing takes place
  • being clearer in the policy that we will continue to publish fitness to practise decisions and sanctions relating to osteopaths who have been granted voluntary removal from the Register, for the length of time stated in the policy
  • continuing to make the current Fitness to Practise Annual Report and the previous five annual reports available on its website, but removing all other previously published annual reports from the website and making these available on request

The deadline for responses to this consultation is Tuesday 25 April 2023.

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