General Osteopathic Council’s (GOsC) Fitness to Practise publication policy explains when, and for how long, details of decisions by our fitness to practise committees should be made available to the public.

Amendments to the policy has been summarised below.  GOsC said it will:

  • publish only a summary of decisions to impose interim suspension orders (the temporary suspension of an osteopath’s registration) before the final hearing takes place
  • continue to publish fitness to practise decisions and sanctions relating to osteopaths who have been granted voluntary removals from GOsC’s online Register of osteopaths
  • continue to make the current Fitness to Practise Annual Report and the previous five published annual reports available on our website, but we will remove all other previously published annual reports from the website, making these available only on request  

GOsC wrote on its website:

“We publish information about osteopaths’ fitness to practise to help patients make informed choices about their treatment, to help maintain public confidence in the profession and to highlight the standards and behaviour expected of osteopaths.

“Information about osteopaths’ fitness to practise is published on our website, including on our Register where we list all UK osteopaths legally allowed to practise osteopathy, and in our Fitness to Practise Annual Reports.”

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