The General Optical Council have published two new CPD guides Record Review: A guide for registrants and Guide to audit of providers of CPD.

The guides introduce CPD record review and provider audit to fully qualified registrants and CPD providers respectively and help them understand what is involved. 

The purpose of CPD record review is to ensure that all fully qualified registrants are undertaking CPD which aligns with their scope of practice and professional development needs, and that they are keeping good-quality records of CPD they complete.

The purpose of CPD provider audit is to make sure the learning providers deliver to registrants is of good quality and meets the Standards for CPD providers, as outlined in annex 2 of our Guidance for providers of CPD.

The guides contain:

  • An introduction to the record review / provider audit process, including why and when it takes place and how registrants / providers will know if they’ve been selected; and
  • An outline of the process, including what will be looked at, potential outcomes, and next steps following receiving these outcomes.
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