Doctors across the UK are being urged to share their views on workplace learning, support and supervision. 

Doctors across the UK are being urged to share their views on workplace learning, support and supervision, as the General Medical Council (GMC) today (Tuesday 22 March) launches its annual survey on medical training.

The national training survey provides the largest insight into postgraduate medical training in the UK. Last year, over 63,000 doctors across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales completed the survey, providing an unparalleled picture of what is working well and what could be improved. 

Responses to the survey support the GMC, medical education bodies and employers in making sure trainees receive high-quality training and that trainers are properly supported. When the results are published, later in the year, trusts, boards and individual sites can drill into the data to identify areas that may require further support.

Last year’s survey showed the quality of training remained high, despite intense pressures resulting from the pandemic. However, the wellbeing of trainees and those training them came into sharp focus as rising levels of burnout were reflected.

The results are now being applied to ongoing workforce planning and future support for trainees, as the UK’s health systems begin to emerge from the pandemic.

Professor Colin Melville, the GMC’s Medical Director and Director of Education and Standards, said: 

‘The pandemic is entering its third year, and will continue to impact healthcare for the foreseeable future. This survey is vital in giving us a year-on-year insight into how medical training is being affected. But, most importantly, it shines a spotlight on what can be done to support trainees and trainers at a local and national level.

‘We believe in promoting a culture of reflection and improvement across medical education and the more voices we hear from the more impact we can have. We’re urging doctors at all levels and specialties, both supervising and training, to give their views.’

This year’s survey is optimised for mobile phones and tablets and will take around 15 minutes to complete. There is also a shorter five-minute survey designed specifically for trainers.

Questions cover topics such as:

  • Workloads and burnout. 
  • Time available to deliver, receive or catch-up on training. 
  • Access to break rooms and study spaces.
  • The impact of incivility and rudeness in workplaces.

The survey is open until midday on Tuesday 3 May. The results will be published later this year. 

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