GMC updates its policy on English language requirements to support international medical graduates into UK practice and give them more time to register. 

“To reflect the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had across the world, we’re being more flexible with both the English language evidence required for PLAB 1 and registration.” The GMC said. 

The updated policy goes on to say:

 “Because not all countries are currently holding in-person English language exams, we’ll accept the online IELTS indicator test as an additional option when booking your PLAB 1 test. Indicator tests are accepted for PLAB 1 only and won’t be accepted as evidence when applying for registration.

“We’ll also consider, on a case by case basis, whether it is possible to extend the validity of English language evidence for those who’ve been disadvantaged by PLAB cancellations and who need to book a further PLAB 1 test.

“You may also use the OET@Home service to demonstrate English language proficiency for both PLAB and registration.” 

“In these unprecedented circumstances, we’re being as flexible as we can.”

The GMC also said “In these unprecedented circumstances, we’re being as flexible as we can be while upholding our responsibility for patient safety and making sure all doctors practising in the UK have the required English language skills.”

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