The General Medical Council (GMC) will begin to routinely contacting doctors to give them four months’ notice of their revalidation submission dates.

The communication to doctors will set out ‘next steps and options for those not yet ready to revalidate’ after disruption during the pandemic.

GMC director of registration and revalidation Una Lane said: 

‘In the coming weeks we’ll begin contacting doctors who have revalidation dates scheduled from August 2021 to explain next steps and outline options for those not yet ready to revalidate.

‘In light of pandemic pressures, last year we rescheduled dates for over 60,000 doctors with the flexibility to complete their revalidation earlier should they wish to do so – over a third chose this option. As the NHS begins to recover from one of its most challenging years, we’ll continue to support doctors and responsible officers so that decisions on how and when doctors should revalidate can be taken at a local level.

‘We know doctors have appreciated time to reflect on the last 12 months’ challenges. Local arrangements for a rebalanced approach to appraisal, focusing on support and wellbeing, are being rolled out across the service and we’re very supportive of this approach.’

“we understand the challenges the profession is still under. We know that not all doctors will be ready to revalidate at their scheduled date”

The update on revalidation for doctors noted that as our health services “move towards recovery”, the GMC “understand the challenges the profession is still under” and “that not all doctors will be ready to revalidate at their scheduled date.”  The update however explains the options available to doctors, the GMC approach.

Last year the GMC took the decision to defer revalidation for up to a year for doctors who were due to revalidate between 17 March 2020 and 16 March 2021.  GP Online reported that the GMC wrote to 9,000 doctors last October to push back their revalidation dates by four months, with practitioners originally being asked to revalidate between March and July 2021.

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