Planned GMC reforms could lead to unfair treatment of doctors who are ill and drive up investigations into historic complaints GP Online reports.


It reported that Medico-legal experts at the MPS have warned this would be ‘extremely demoralising’ and could exacerbate doctors’ health issues – and potentially endanger patients.

Medico-legal organisations have also warned that proposals to scrap the five-year limit on the GMC being able to investigate allegations against doctors could lead to more cases against GPs.

MPS medical director Dr Rob Hendry is reported to have said the proposals could have ‘potential unintended consequences’ saying:

“Removing health grounds and instead categorising doctors with a health concern under ‘lack of competence’ grounds would be extremely demoralising and could exacerbate their health issue. It may also discourage doctors from seeking help at an earlier stage and this could endanger both patients and the doctor.”

Medico-legal experts have also argued that the government must retain the five-year limit for concerns to be raised and reported to the GMC so that the number of doctors facing investigation does not increase dramatically.

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