The General Medical Council (GMC) has published its first update on progress towards the equality, diversity and inclusion targets it set last year.

The regulator set targets to eliminate disproportionate complaints from employers about ethnic minority doctors, by 2026, and to eradicate disadvantage and discrimination in medical education and training by 2031.

The Equality, diversity and inclusion: targets, progress and priorities for 2022 concluded that “Early indications of performance on our regulatory measures shows mixed results” but that “data shows that employer referrals have moved in a positive direction, with the gap in referral rates reducing across both measures and the proportion of DBs that are disproportionate slightly declining.

The report went on to say that the GMC has “made significant progress on our ambitions to become a more inclusive.”

GMC Chief Executive Charlie Massey said:

‘’This update sets out the actions taken by us, and by others, to drive change. The early indications are good, but we are not complacent. Much more needs to be done. The issues are longstanding, and the incremental changes that are being made may take time to work through the data.

‘We will continue our sustained focus, and we are calling on other organisations to do the same. These annual updates, of which this is the first, will continue to shine a light on the extent to which the necessary changes are happening.’

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