The General Medical Council has met all 18 standards of good regulation set by the Professional Standards Authority.

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) performance review for 2019/20 confirmed the GMC met the standards of good practice against all 18 measures, including in education, registration and fitness to practise. This year’s report looked at several new areas, including how the GMC promoted equality, diversity and inclusion, worked with others in the healthcare system and considered the context professionals were working in.

The PSA’s five standards relating to fitness to practise are:

  1. The regulator enables anyone to raise a concern about a registrant.
  2. The regulator’s process for examining and investigating cases is fair, proportionate, deals with cases as quickly as is consistent with a fair resolution of the case and ensures that appropriate evidence is available to support decision-makers to reach a fair decision that protects the public at each stage of the process.
  3. The regulator ensures that all decisions are made in accordance with its processes, are proportionate, consistent and fair, take account of the statutory objectives, the regulator’s standards and the relevant case law and prioritise patient and service user safety.
  4. The regulator identifies and prioritises all cases which suggest a serious risk to the safety of patients or service users and seeks interim orders where appropriate.
  5. All parties to a complaint are supported to participate effectively in the process.

In its report, the PSA stated:

“The GMC provides accurate and accessible information about its registrants, regulatory requirements, guidance, processes and decisions on its website. We consider that the GMC demonstrates that it is clear about its purpose and its business plans are in line with its statutory purpose.  The implementation of the temporary register demonstrated that the GMC ensures that all relevant areas of the organisation are involved in new policy and processes.”

GMC concerns

Although it met all the, the PSA noted that it has received complaints about the GMC’s Rule 12 process, suitability of expert witnesses in Fitness to Practise cases and the tone of the GMC’s correspondence.

Whilst these were not significant enough to affect the GMC’s assessment, the PSA said it would continue to monitor the GMC’s work in these areas.

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