The General Medical Council (GMC) has launched its annual training survey for doctors focussing on how the pandemic has affected workplace learning.

This year’s national training survey (NTS) is the first full survey since the Covid-19 pandemic began last year. The annual survey will provide the most detailed picture yet of how coronavirus has impacted on doctors’ training and career progression.

The survey will ask “tens of thousands” of doctors in training and senior doctors who act as trainers what the impact of the pandemic has been on them.  The GMC said the NTS will, in addition to asking questions specifically about the impact of the pandemic, also “cover areas including workloads and burnout; time available to deliver or receive training; access to break rooms and study spaces, and incivility and rudeness in the workplace.”

Professor Colin Melville, the GMC’s Medical Director and Director of Education and Standards, said:

“The pandemic continues to have a huge impact on all aspects of healthcare. The NTS will help us understand the extent of that impact on training. The responses will influence our work, with others, to help make sure training recovers as we move on from this extraordinary time.

“But to do so effectively we need to have input from as many doctors as possible, trainers as well as trainees from all parts of the UK and from across different specialties and workplaces. Every voice counts. The more voices we hear from the more we can do to improve the places where doctors train, and to improve the training they receive.”

Medical education is fundamental to the progress of junior doctors. When training is hindered it can have a considerable impact on the psychological and social wellbeing of trainees. Results from the 2020 NTS found that more than seven in ten junior doctors have had their training disrupted by the pandemic.

This year’s NTS is open for four weeks, until Tuesday 18 May.

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