The General Medical Council is consulting on pre-qualification education framework for physician associates and anaesthesia associates.  The framework sets out the learning outcomes the GMC expects newly qualified PAs and AAs to be able to demonstrate before they can join the register and begin practising.

The draft documents the GMC are consulting on are:

  1. PA and AA generic and shared learning outcomes

    The outcomes document sets the expectations for a newly graduated PA or AA, focusing on professional outcomes. 

  2. PA curriculum and AA curriculum

    The curricula set out the high-level clinical and professional learning outcomes and the level of capability expected of a graduating PA or AA student.

  3. PA registration assessment content map

    This document sets out proposals for the areas of clinical practice and associated patient presentations and conditions that may be included in the PA registration assessment when it is updated to align to the curriculum included in this framework.

The consultation is open until 17 November 2021.


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