GDC Chair, Lord Toby Harris, said:

“Council has set fees at a level that ensures we can continue to fulfil our statutory role of maintaining patient safety and public confidence for the next year. Although we will review the GDC’s plans again next year, we will go into this with an intention to maintain the ARF at the same level in 2025.”

GDC Chief Executive and Registrar, Ian Brack, said:

“The GDC faces continuing high inflation, financial uncertainty and external risk. We are engaged in a major review of how we take forward international registration in the light of our revised powers, and we are investing in additional capacity to help maintain or improve performance. Nevertheless, we have been able to produce a robust plan which delivers these activities and is also expected to provide a reduced ARF for registrants for the remainder of the 2023-2025 strategy period.”

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Writing on its website, the GCC said:

“When the issues were brought to the attention of the GCC, our priority was to protect the public from being misled. While section 32 of Chiropractic Act (1994) allows us to prosecute an unregistered individual who describes themself as a chiropractor, the burden of proof is high and (as it is a criminal offence) the process can be lengthy.

“The registrar decided the most proportionate and efficient way to proceed in this case was to refer the matter to the ASA.

The priority of the GCC is to protect the public, and we work closely with other regulators to make best use of all our legal powers to meet this aim.”

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