A new report from the General Dental Council has shown another large drop in the number of dental nurses on the dental register.

GDPUK reported that the General Dentail Council (GDC) registration report for August 2021 shows that over 6% of dental nurses dropped off the dental register between July and August, “reinforcing the feelings of many, that dental nurses are becoming difficult to recruit.”

The GDC’s figures show that 3826 dental nurses didn’t renew their registrations at the end of July. The latest figure is higher than that found in the GDC’s report of August 2020.

In August 2020, 3590 dental nurses failed to renew their registration with the GDC.

Commenting on this, GDPUK said:

“At that time, there was much speculation that the pandemic and the financial difficulties it produced for many dental nurses, may have contributed to the loss of such high numbers of dental professionals.”

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