The General Dental Council (GDC) has issued a statement correcting the Medical and Dental Defence Union’s (MDDUS) interpretation of recent research on the concept of seriousness in fitness to practise cases.

MDDUS quoted the GDC research stating that the “Study urges dental professionals to seek expert legal advice when facing fitness to practise concerns”.  In response, the GDC said:

“Last week the GDC published the results of independent academic research on the concept of seriousness in fitness to practise cases. We welcome interest in the research we publish and the varied perspectives of those who choose to comment on it.

“MDDUS issued a press notice commenting on the research from their point of view. Unfortunately, in doing so they misrepresented the GDC’s position, asserting we had urged dental professionals facing fitness to practise concerns to ensure they engage legal representation. That statement is untrue and we asked MDDUS to correct it. They have refused to do so.

“In commenting on the report, we have advised registrants who become involved with fitness to practise cases to be engaged with, and responsive to, their regulator during the process. We also referenced the report’s findings which highlighted the importance of legal representation. The report made no recommendation based on this finding, nor did the GDC.

“It is important to us, patients and dental professionals that this simple factual error is corrected and so we are taking the opportunity to set the record straight.”

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