The General Dental Council (GDC) will change its fitness to practise performance indicators to “take into account the actual performance” for standards not met.

GDC Executive Director for Fitness to Practise said the current fitness to practise performance indicators does “not take into account the actual performance of FtP at the time and did not include any evaluation of what performance could be achieved within the statutory framework and with the resources available.  Instead, the KPIs were set at levels which, if achieved, were likely to ensure that the PSA standard around FTP timeliness would be met.”

He admitted that “Some of these targets, especially those covering the pre-Case Examiner stages of the FTP process, have never been met or have only been achieved inconsistently.”

A review of the GDC fitness to practise KPIs has now commenced with a new set of KPIs that would “assist in improving and then sustaining performance in the FtP Directorate.”

The Professional Standards Authority’s annual performance review of the GDC for 2019/20 found the GDC did not meet the required fitness to practise standards in relation to:

  • investigating cases in a fair, proportionate and timely manner, with appropriate evidence available to decision makers; and
  • risk assessment and applying for interim orders.

The GDC’s fitness to practise performance report concluded that it “…remain committed to achieving all PSA standards in FTP.  We are working with other healthcare regulators to develop a common understanding of how the PSA will take account of the delays caused by COVID in its forthcoming performance assessments.  We are also working with team members across FTP to ensure that they are aware of the significance of the PSA standards and how they can contribute to the GDC achieving them consistently.”

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