General Dental Council (GDC) calls on dental professionals to check their CPD record to make sure they’ve completed enough hours to meet the minimum requirements for ongoing registration.
In addition to paying the annual retention fee and making their indemnity statement by 31 July, dental professionals need to make sure “they make a compliant CPD statement on time, including having completed at least 10 hours of CPD over the last two years.” The GDC said “more than 3,000” dental care professionals fell foul of at least one of the CPD rules last year.  They are therefore “keen to highlight the requirements.”
There are three steps to completing annual renewal. For dental care professionals, these are:
  • Pay the annual retention fee by 31 July.
  • Make their indemnity statement by 31 July.
  • Complete the required amount of CPD by 31 July and go on to make an annual or end of cycle CPD statement by 28 August.
GDC Chief Operating Officer, Gurvinder Soomal, said:
“The vast majority of dental care professionals complete all aspects of their registration renewal every year without any complications. But last year, more than 3,000 did not meet the requirements for CPD for reasons unrelated to COVID-19.


“Keeping up with professional development is an essential part of being a healthcare professional but there are also immediate practical impacts of not making a compliant CPD statement for the individual and their dental team, as non-compliance can interrupt their ability to practice. It takes just a few minutes to check your CPD record to make sure you have done enough – and if you find out now that you need to do more, you have enough time to put it right before the end of July.”
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