The General Dental Council has achieved 17 of the Professional Standards Authority’s 18 standards of good regulation.

The PSA’s report said:

“The had concerns about the GDC’s timeliness in fitness to practise in the previous three performance reviews. We remain concerned that the GDC is taking too long to progress cases from receipt to final hearing, and there are a high number of older cases within the system. The position has not improved this year, although the GDC has a plan in place to improve timeliness. We concluded that Standard 15 was not met, and we will monitor the GDC’s work to improve its performance in this area

A statement on its website, the GDC said:

“The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) has today published its report on the GDC’s performance for the period 2020/21, which shows that we met 17 of the 18 Standards of Good Regulation.

“We particularly welcome the PSA’s recognition of work undertaken to improve our approach in relation to interim order referrals, and to reduce the time it takes to reach an interim order committee decision once a relevant concern has been raised.

The PSA found that we did not meet Standard 15, specifically with regards to the part of the Standard which relates to timely resolution of fitness to practise cases. All of the principles set out in the PSA’s Standards are important and we agree that fitness to practise cases often take too long to resolve.

We know that part of this is due to our outdated and prescriptive legislation, and we have called for increased flexibility in the upcoming regulatory reform.

In the areas we can influence however, our timeliness performance is not where we need it to be. We have spoken previously about our commitment to addressing this and we welcome the PSA’s recognition of our work in this area.”

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