This was in relation to Mr Welsh posting social media content that was inappropriate, in that the posts had the potential to:

  • Bring the profession into disrepute; and/or
  • Undermine public confidence in the profession; and/or
  • Undermine and discredit fellow professionals in the eyes of patients and the public, including by suggesting that they and/or other health professionals are lying; and/or
  • Cause alarm amongst members of the public; and/or
  • Mislead members of the public in relation to the risks associated with vaccination; and/or
  • Undermine the government’s public health programmes in respect of vaccination and other protective/preventative measures, at a time of heightened public anxiety due to the global pandemic; and/or
  • Discourage members of the public from seeking advice, treatment or from following government advice in relation to the prevention of Covid-19.

The PCC considered that Mr Welsh’s conduct was sufficiently serious to cross the threshold of seriousness to warrant a finding of unacceptable professional conduct.

The full determination is available at

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