The General Chiropractic Council has set out its expectations of chiropractors as Covid-19 moves from pandemic to endemic.

On its website, it wrote:

We do not judge that, in the majority of cases, there is any requirement for enhanced protocol beyond the requirements of The Code to treat patients in a hygienic and safe environment (A6), however chiropractors should continue to exercise their professional judgement, in conjunction with their patients wishes, in determining whether it is appropriate to see any, and each, patient.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the GCC has “consistently stated” that for patients in need of care a registrant must have regard to the Code, and must:

  • put patients’ health first, respect them and ensure that you promote their health and welfare at all times (Principle A)
  • prioritise patients’ health and welfare at all times when carrying out assessments, making referrals or providing or arranging care (A5)
  • treat patients in a hygienic and safe environment (A6)

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