The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) has issued a reminder to employers in Scotland to refer harmful behaviour.

On its website, GCC wrote:

“Registrants of the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) are committed to ensuring a high standard of care to their patients and that they are free from harm when seeking treatment.

“Your patients may be from diverse backgrounds, ages, and with differing health conditions, however, did you know that when you work with children or protected adults this is classed as regulated work in Scotland?

“If you employ individuals in regulated work in Scotland, you have a legal duty to report harmful behaviour by your staff (including volunteers) to Disclosure Scotland if you permanently remove them from a regulated work role or might have done had they not already left.”

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I”f your organisation does not make a referral within three months of the decision to permanently remove the individual from their role, Disclosure Scotland will report your organisation to Police Scotland.

“Referrals need to be submitted to Disclosure Scotland’s dedicated e-mail address –

“You can find more guidance on making referrals on the Disclosure Scotland website. If you’re unsure whether to make a referral in specific cases, contact their Customer Engagement Team for help.

“It is your responsibility to make a referral even if the behaviour has been referred to the GCC, another regulator or the police.”

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