General Chiropractic Council issues the latest in its Fitness to Practise learnings, looking at the length of treatment sessions.

Writing on its website, the GCC wrote: 

Some recent fitness to practise investigations have highlighted the length of treatment sessions, with complainants citing concerns about the speed and duration of their chiropractic sessions.

The types and duration of treatment are a matter of clinical judgement, varying according to individual patient needs. One size does not fit all, and concerns would be raised if it did.

Equally, the expectations of a patient are crucial.

As outlined in the Code, registrants must create a plan of treatment or care (GCC Code, C4) for their patients and thoroughly explain any course of treatment to allow informed consent to be given by the patient (Principle E).

Registrants are advised to discuss the proposed treatment alongside what the patient can expect more clearly, allowing them to understand better the reasons for the length and possible frequency of treatment when providing their consent.

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