An initiative to help nurses unable to gain employment while under fitness to practise investigation has been launched by NMC Watch.

Nursing Times reported that Cathryn Watters, registered nurse and founder of NMC Watch has started working with employers to help secure jobs for those who are involved in a fitness to practise case but are still considered safe to work.  Since the initiative was launched, more than 10 employers had expressed an interest to work with NMC Watch, including, Nursing Times reports, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Ms Watters told Nursing Times the project came about after it was found that nurses were “struggling to gain employment while they are under investigation”.


The aim is to take away the “fear” of employing those under investigation and to support registrants to feel confident at work.

Ms Watters said “what we’re trying to do is work out a way of making sure that obviously, those people who shouldn’t be practising and won’t be practising, but those that have minor allegations, or perhaps denied those allegations, or don’t have any conditions of practice, can try and fulfil some sort of employment while they wait for the outcome of the investigation.”

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