A senior NHS surgeon from Milton Keynes has been struck off the medical register after stating that the Covid pandemic was a ‘worldwide conspiracy’.

Yahoo News reported that Mr Muhammad Adil “thought he was entitled to free speech when he posted a series of videos on YouTube and Twitter shortly after the first lockdown in 2020.”

He described the pandemic as a ”conspiracy brought on by the United Kingdom, Israel and America as part of a multibillion scam being manipulated for the benefit of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, pharmaceutical companies and the World Health Organisation.”

Mr Adil, who was working in Greater Manchester at the time, also echoed the views of conspiracy theorists who believed the pandemic was being used to impose a new world order’.

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A Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) hearing was held in June 2022 and Mr Adil told the panel he had said something “silly” and admitted it was not in the best interests of the public.

He was suspended for six months so he could reflect upon his behaviour.

However, months later in November 2022, the surgeon took to Twitter again saying, amongst other things: ”Covid is only a flu virus. It has not killed people.”

It is reported that n the light of Mr Adil’s second outburst, an MPTS fitness to practice panel was organised to consider the surgeon’s future.  Supporters launched a petition on Change.org, raising more than £8,000 towards legal costs in a battle to get him reinstated under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights – that everyone has the right to freedom of expression.

However, a High Court Judge dismissed the appeal, saying “freedom of speech could be restricted ‘in the interests of public safety and for the protection of public health.”

Mr Adil did not attend the fitness to practice hearing this month but issued a statement indicating his views were unchanged according to the report.

The panel agreed it was plain that Mr Adil did not accept his actions were wrong and he had “unquestionably abused his position as a doctor” by publicising his views.

It was agreed his name be erased from the medical register.

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