A medical degree apprenticeship scheme has been ‘approved for delivery’ and could start from September next year.

According to a report by Pulse, the scheme will see students employed for the duration of their medical degree, doing ‘on the job’ learning through clinical placements alongside attending medical school.

The apprenticeship will have a ‘typical length’ of 60 months and will include the Medical Licensing Assessment, allowing apprentices to apply for ‘provisional registration’ with the GMC and a place on a UK foundation training programme on completion, the Institute said.

Pulse reported that the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education saying:

‘On completion of the apprenticeship and subject to satisfactory confirmation of fitness to practise by the GMC, progression will be into the foundation programme to undertake a further higher-level programme of workplace-based, supervised training before they are eligible for full registration with the GMC and able to progress to further speciality training posts.’

Entry requirements for the ‘Doctor Degree’ apprenticeship will be ‘agreed between the employer and the medical school’.

This scheme has not been without opposition.  Pulse also reported that the BMA said that ‘many questions remain about the place of medical degree apprenticeships in the UK medical education and training landscape, and the role they will play in responding to the medical workforce crisis’. Furthermore, Doctors Association UK members voted unanimously to oppose the new scheme due to reports it would have a heavy primary care focus. 

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