The DHSC said reforming the GMC’s wider regulatory framework for doctors remains a key priority. In its response to a consultation last year making proposals to reform the legislative framework for regulated health and care professionals across the UK, it said:
“Reforming the GMC’s wider regulatory framework for doctors remains a key priority and we will continue to progress legislative drafting during the consultation period on the draft order to enable the swift implementation of the changes in relation to medical practitioners. “Reforming the GMC’s regulatory framework for doctors involves creating provisions to facilitate the transition from one regime to another (that is from the current framework for doctors to the reformed one), which requires significant detailed work. Given the previous plan had been to combine these changes into one order, but with a later commencement date for the reformed legislative framework for doctors, our intention and expectation is that this new approach will not introduce any additional delay to reforms to the GMC’s legislation that applies to doctors, or indeed the reforms for the remaining regulators or regulated professions.”

The remaining regulators

The DHSC said reform of the remaining regulators will depend on a number of factors, saying:
“While it is our intention to work as swiftly as possible to deliver reform for each regulator and profession, we will prioritise delivery of regulatory reform based on criteria including the size of registrant base, the need for reform, and regulators’ readiness to implement the changes.”
This, it said, means that the NMC and the HCPC, will be next in line, after the GMC.

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