Social Workers will be required to submit two pieces of learning and reflect on one of these with a peer for the registration year starting 1 December 2021, Social Worker England said following consultation.

Increasing the CPD requirement from one to 2 pieces, from December 2021

SWE commented that the consultation outcome showed that “many respondents felt the increase to 2 pieces of CPD was reasonable, and that many social workers are already recording more than the minimum requirement.”

As such, SWE we will increase the CPD requirement to 2 pieces per year from 1 December 2021, but encourage social workers to record CPD once a quarter as good practice.

Setting a theme for one piece of CPD, from December 2022

SWE will not set a theme for one of the pieces of CPD from 1 December 2021, but will look to introduce this requirement from 1 December 2022.

It said:

“We feel the adoption of themes is worthwhile, but want to take more time to gather additional intelligence. Further awareness of emerging concerns and areas for improvement in the sector, will inform our thinking on what themes to set.

“Delaying this change until December 2022 gives social workers more time to adjust to the changes to the CPD process, and is in line with our promise to take an incremental approach.”

Introducing a requirement for peer reflection, from December 2021

From 1 December 2021, SWE will introduce peer reflection, but instead of making it mandatory for all pieces of CPD recorded, it will be required for at least one piece.

Social workers will be required to confirm they have discussed, with a peer or manager, the impact that learning has had on their practice when recording CPD.

SWE said it will publish a list of accepted professionals who may act as the peer; “This will be a comprehensive list that reflects the diverse and multi-professional landscape that many social workers operate in.”

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