case that has received some media interest, a consultant urologist has had conditions of practise imposed on him following a finding of impaired fitness to practise.

Urologist Dr Kavinder Madhra faced General Medical Council  allegations that, following their assessment of his professional performance in May and June 2018, his professional performance was found to be unacceptable in the areas of assessment and clinical management and a cause for concern in the area of working with colleagues.

The MPTS found his fitness to practise impaired and consequently imposed conditions of practise.  It has been reported that under conditions on his practice, the consultant must:

  • notify the GMC before starting any new post and must seek approval from the body before starting work in a non-NHS post or setting.
  • closely supervised in all of his posts by a clinical supervisor.
  • must design a personal development plan, with ‘specific aims to address the deficiencies’ in assessment and clinical management.

Image Credit:Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash