The Professional Standard Authority’s (PSA) has written to the chair of the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee expressing concern over an increase in the GPhC’s caseload open for longer than a year.

In the letter sent on the 18th of October 2023 to Steve Brine, chair of the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee, the PSA said:

“…the GPhC’s work has had little impact in this review period in terms of timeliness, and the number of open cases more than a year old has increased again, from 298 to 430. In light of these persistent problems and the growth of the backlog, the PSA’s Board has concluded that further action is required.”

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 The PSA continued:

“We will be closely monitoring the GPhC’s work to improve the timeliness of its fitness to practise process so that we can understand its progress and raise concerns if its work does not appear to be effective. We will continue to engage with the GPhC and other stakeholders to understand whether its performance is improving. We will report to you on progress until our concerns are resolved.

The PSA published its monitoring report of the GPhC in October, in which it noted its concerns about how long the GPhC takes to progress and close complaints against registrants through its fitness to practise process, and the backlog of older cases that has now built up.

The GPhC has not met the PSA’s Standard for fitness to practise timeliness since 2018/19, despite taking various measures to try and improve its performance.

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