Nursing in Practice reported that Executive council member, Lesley Maslen, told the NMC Council meeting that a large vacancy gap and more complex cases were making it difficult to cut down on the case backlog.  She said however that she was “confident” that the backlog can be reduced.

The report also noted that David Warren, chair of the executive council, called the list of unresolved cases ‘the one indicator where we are failing’, adding that tackling it was the ‘number one priority’ for the NMC, although he added that he was ‘really encouraged’ by recent progress. 

The PSA reported that year that:

“The NMC has not met Standard 15 again this year, because it is still taking too long to conclude fitness to practise cases. Clearing the backlog is a priority for the NMC: it has implemented an action plan and published regular progress reports to its Council. But the action plan had mixed results this year, and there is still a backlog.”

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