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FEATURE: An in-depth look at Remediation, Insight and Remediation in Fitness to Practise

Fitness to Practise defence barristers Kings View Chambers takes an in-depth look at Remediation, Insight and Remediation in Fitness to Practise.

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An in-depth look at Reflection in Fitness to Practise

Reflection is important for any healthcare professional to gain insight into the circumstances that led to things going wrong, and from this to demonstrate remediation.

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“Delivering racial equality in medicine” – British Medical Association

“Racism has for too long been allowed to blight lives and careers of those in the medical profession.” – BMA council chair

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New legislation expands the number of professions able to issue fit notes

The UK government has introduced new legislation to allow a wider range of healthcare professionals to certify fit notes.

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FEATURE: Should you engage with your regulator during a fitness to practise investigation?

Kings View Chambers discuss whether you should you respond to your regulator? What should you say? We look at the importance of engaging with your regulator.

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KINGS VIEW FEATURE: Fit to Practise – An Explanation of the Restoration Process

If you have been struck off, you can apply for restoration. The process is complicated and evidence has shown legal representation is key to success.

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