The British Association of Private Dentistry (BAPD) has called on the General Dental Council “to be completely transparent in the aftermath of this case.”

We reported that the GDC admitted to acting unlawfully after paying an undisclosed sum of damages to a clinical dental technician.  It is reported that the technician was the subject of an anonymous complaint to the GDC that he may be working without registration.  The GDC then instructed an under-guise operation. It created a fictitious scenario with two private investigators posing as relatives of ‘Evelyn’, an elderly relative needing dentures but too ill to attend in person.

BAPD has now waded in on the case calling on the GDC “to be completely transparent in the aftermath of this case, and to clearly make public to the profession what action has been taken to remedy this latest failing.”

The letter continued:

“The BAPD consider that the General Dental Council acting unlawfully in the use of under-guise investigations to entrap registrants is an egregious act that serves only to undermine further the reputation of the GDC.

“We are aware that the GDC have recently taken steps to remedy the failings of the previous years with their document ‘Moving Upstream’, but the revelation that the GDC have acted unlawfully suggests that only lip service has been paid to the need to completely reform their processes.”

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